Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting Teaching Message

SO for those of you who have read the book you'll get a laugh out of this one, my friend Charis posted this and I stole it from her blog!
I think this would be so much more appropriate for say home teaching so that the men could be clued in on some of this. Although Tim once told me I didn't need to read the book because he is my Edward... he's so right in so many ways just not when it comes to the "honey do" list or doing things without being asked - I love you madly anyway!!


J-Crew said...

Erin - I love how you how so many kids and they're close together - it makes me feel good about my own brood and the fact that I want at least 2 more (just something I thought of when I came to your blog!)

Thanks for your comment - it's good to hear from you. I actually just came back from my 2nd Seattle trip to do photo sessions. I've had lots of business up there so I keep lining up trips :)

I love that cartoon - how funny and true!! I'm pretty sure Twilight has been discussed at most of my VT sessions.

Charis said...

I am happy to see you loved it as much as I did. I think all their cartoons are so funny, and so true ;-)

The Waggoner's said...

Yay!! 2 new posts, I can hardly believe it. I thought you had retired from the blogging world alltogether! It is not as if you have nothing better to do then to update me with all the changes in your life!:) Miss you!
Love ya girl,

teage-and-erin said...

I get reminded all the time as well that I have my own "Edward" already, and therefore shouldn't need to be reading the Twilight books. :) However, Teage did watch the movie with me the other day, and he was actually INTO IT!! I told him that I was going to tell everyone! :)