Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun in the house... not the sun!

So for those of you who live here you know which 7th circle we've been living in! For all you friends and family who don't we've been having record heat in the 100's this week, the other night the news said it was 115 where we are. So in order to beat the heat - and cabin fever - I've been much more relaxed about the activities around the house and here's what we do most of the time.

For the most part the kids are pretty good at playing all sorts of make believe games while getting dressed in the "dress up" clothes. When they get really bored it has turned into wearing their swim goggles (which make me laugh because they look so rediculous!) in hopes that we'll head out the door to the pool. Even Brynlee gets in on the action, she doesn't like to be left out of whatever it is the other kids are doing! They always enjoy a little jumping/wrestling on the bed, and as you can see Ella prefers to mix it up and wear goggles to jump in... we're still not sure if she can see, but she hasn't fallen off the bed yet.

Brynlee turned 1 last month and is such a joy! She's been walking for about 3 months, almost has all her teeth in, (she's not so happy with the teething, so the report on the teeth makes me happpy!) and says "HI" to us a lot after getting up in the mornings and after her naps. She can out eat any of the other kids, and much like me she likes to get down to business and get things done. The other day we were at the park and I noticed that her shorts looked more like hot pants which isn't unusual for our kids, it's just funny to me to think that they even take after either Tim or I with all those rolls. I love the rolls though, as do many people, they especially seem to attract strangers in stores which has always creeped them out. (ME TOO!)

As for me I just ran my first race, the Torchlight Run to kick off Seafair. It was an 8K or 5 mile race and I did o.k. especially this being my first one ever! It was so cool to be out there with so many people, some looked like they just walked over to see what was going on and decided they would run too. There was an old guy who passed us running bare footed, many people dressed up like pirates complete with parrots on their shoulders, two guys dressed in 80's running gear and gold spandex pants running with not just any radio, but a huge DeWalt radio. They looked like they were dying especially since they were wearing wigs, I bet they wondered why that seemed like such a good idea about 1/2 a mile into the race. There was suprisingly a lot of flab haning out of a lot of shorts and shirts which made me feel a little less self conscience about my lack of clothing which of course makes me run faster. I honestly think I noticed more about the people than the actual run! For the last mile or so of the race they had us running down the parade route which was cool and little unsettling since I know I probably looked like I was dying. There were so many kids waiting to give high 5's and a few people cheering... although I'm sure we would have gotten a lot more cheering had we been a little faster. All in all it was a great experience, loved carpooling with all the ladies, and I can't wait to run it again next year!
Here's a picture after the run, we forgot to do one before the race when we all looked awesome!!