Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ella turns 1!

Ella turned 1 last month and we actually had a really nice day, nice enough that we had her party outside and ran through the sprinklers with the cousins. Tim thought Ella's swimsuit made her look like one of those old women at the beach that give you the heeby-jeebies... but us women know that at this age it's the only time that rolls are cute!
Ethan had a great time running around, after seeing his diaper I decided it was time to start the potty training. So far so good, he tinkles like a champ... I'm just hoping he gets the hang of #2's soon 'cause it's bad enough dealing with it in a diaper.

O.k. so the sprinkler basically spits water and all the kids were afraid to run through it at first, Tyler was getting brave here...

and then we had the others joining in. If you notice in this picture Sydney, Mackenzie and Carson have their eyes closed, they were lucky not to collide in mid-air!

Since Ella's birthday is the day after mine she got my favorite cake, angel food. At first she didn't want to get her hands dirty, but then she figured out it was good eatin' and dug right in! Happy Birthday beany baby, in a couple weeks she won't be the baby anymore - that seems weird to me. I'm ready for this baby to come, but I think she'll hang on until July, for awhile it seemed like we would be lucky to make it to 34 weeks. I'm just hoping my hips make it through 2 more weeks... my sanity too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun games that we play!

A little while ago we discovered a new game. Our kids all have pretty fine hair and Ethan has a thing with putting blankets on his head, that's why his nic-name is Boogie Man. These were taken after FHE one night a few months ago... since then we have played the "blankey game" from time to time along with some others that now include Ella. At the time we found this rousing game she didn't have any hair, but since she's bulked up we've discovered the joys of zerbits on her very ample tummy! The kids all think it's so funny to take turns blowing on her tummy and the goal is to see who can make the loudest noise and make her laugh the hardest. After a few rounds we have to stop to de-slobber Ella, but she doesn't seem to mind being spit on. It's so funny to see what entertains them... Tim and I are never at a loss for laughter and they never seem to get bored with each other!