Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pranks with my Peeps!

The other night we had a nice night with the ladies from the ward and on the way home a few of us got the urge to t.p. someone. It started out that we were going to plan it for an upcoming night and then we thought... why not right now?! SO we thought about who wouldn't be too peeved if we happened to choose their bushes to decorate and it just so happens that the day before was Mara's birthday. I dared someone to ring Mara's doorbell and ask someone from her family for some t.p., but then someone else suggested forking her lawn. So we stopped by the IGA to get some forks, and some milk as Heather was out, who says you can't be fun while still being practical with the multi-tasking? We were successful in the forking, but Kate was able to hear us... so Laura asked her if she would throw down some t.p. and she was so in! We got to fork and t.p. Mara and it was with her own toilet paper... and most importantly she enjoyed it. I loved the night, thank you Jen, Laura, Rachel and Heather for all the laughs... I definitely needed it!! Happy Birthday Mara, we all love you, your fun-loving nature, and your sense of humor!!