Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm sitting here trying to outlast my heartburn, I really don't want to take anything but it's getting late. I'm afraid that after I post this I will be heading downstairs do drink some baking soda and water... yum! So tonight I was giving everyone a bath and Sydney looks up and asked if dreams come true. I thought for a minute and said "well yes some come true, why what do you mean?" She said that the other night in her dream Sleeping Beauty was her mother and they lived in the castle. I'm not sure how to take that... I'm sure Sleeping Beauty would make a fine mother, but I thought I was doing pretty well too. I couldn't tell if she was excited by the idea of having Sleeping Beauty as a mother, or whether it was something odd to dream about and wondered if there could be a slight chance it could actually happen. Mackenzie piped in with the fact that if you tell your dreams they won't come true. I asked her if she had some dreams and with a little smile she said "yes, and one has already come true". I asked her if it was that William was her boyfriend, and she giggled and said yes. I love some of the conversations I have with my kids, they are so cute and innocent and funny! A spider just ran down the wall behind the computer so I'm out!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday's Birthday's Birthday's!

So we have had birthday madness this last month at our house! The picture above is Mackenzie's 6th birthday party, on the left we have Nick and Kati's boys Carson and Spencer and next to Mackenzie is Taylor our cute neighbor who my kids adore. We asked Mackenzie what she wanted to do for her birthday and she requested eating teriyaki chicken at the restaurant near our house... so that's where the party started and then we came back for cake - but she was very clear that there was to be no ice cream... sorry dad! As you can see a couple weeks later on April 1st we had snow, Sydney thought it was pretty cool that it snowed on her 5th birthday. Later that day we went and got her ears pierced, she was a champ and didn't even cry or flinch or anything... I was suprised because she's such an over-actor! We had pizza and cake and ice cream at our house and Sydney, in true fashion, ooohhhed, aaawwwed and even squeeked over each present she opened.
About a week or so later we had an 80 degree day and decided to play outside, wash our cars and have a pic-nic. From left to right it's Sydney, Tyler, Mackenzie and Ethan... Ella was cruising around outside and dove for some sidewalk chalk and ended up with a little road rash instead...
So she ate her lunch sitting in her seat inside where I knew she would be safe. (Notice the nice red smoosh on her eye and cheek) Just this last week she started walking, we'll have pictures of that up soon! Many of you have asked why I don't have pictures of me up, mostly it's because I'm usually the one taking the pictures, but also because I'm not in the mood to plaster a big ol' picture of me on my blog... maybe I'll get one up here soon since we haven't had a family picture taken lately. We love you all and I've been so blessed to have found some of my really great friends from it's seems like forever ago... blogging is fabulous!