Monday, March 3, 2008

Kids say funny things

So the other day Tim was putting something away and he happened to bring his hand down on top of the edge of our lamp. He hit the edge so hard that the lamp broke (it's just an $8 target lamp... so I'm not crushed or anything) and I sort of laughed and said "oooohhh smooth move daddy". The kids were there and I really wanted them to see that it wasn't a big deal, so I told them to tell him good job and they thought it was funny. The next day Mackenzie came to me and asked when dad was going to make another "smooth move", I told her I hoped it wouldn't happen again soon and I think she was a little confused because we had had such a good time with dad's "smooth move" the day before. So I had to explain to her what it meant to have such a smooth daddy, but I think it only to confuse her that much more... we love our daddy smooth moves and all!