Friday, October 19, 2007

The Can Can

I thought you might enjoy this, it made us laughREALLY hard!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just a Little Karate!

O.k. so I had to post this picture... it's become one of my FAVORITES! Tyler turned 3 this summer and has a love of all things that have anything to do with Spiderman, so I found this Spidey bubble blower at Target and thought "what's not to love bubbles and Spiderman at the same time." Well we took it outside to try it out and Tyler loved it for about 10 minutes, but Sydney really got into it. She was shoving everyone out of the way, busting out some sweet spin kick moves and inflicting some serious damage on any and all bubbles! Seriously though Sydney makes me giggle and I'm grateful for who she is and I'm thankful everyday that she's in our home.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

End of Summer Fun

Mackenzie started Kindergarten this year... man does she LOVE it! Even more exiciting was getting to be a "junior driller" with the Newport Knights Drill Team (she was invited by Ned's friend Brittany from the ward) and getting to cheer on Uncle Ned at the football game. There's nothing better than getting to use real pom-poms for something other than playing dress-up... just ask Mackenzie.

Before my brothers and sister-in-laws left for school we had a great day in Ma and Pa's backyard. Carson, Mackenzie, Sydney, Spencer, and Ethan had fun eating and jumping all over everyone - Tyler did too, only his day wasn't quite as awesome after he fell and scraped up the whole left side of his face. Ella's picture pretty much summed it all up... happiness and enough cheeks for the whole family!