Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Froggy Friend

While Ella was sleeping peacefully (like and old man) on the couch...
We happened to find the cutest little frog on our porch.
Notice Sydney is clutching her throat. She was acting
like the frog at any moment would suddenly attack leaving her
bloody and wounded for life! I guess we'll never see her in any
nature shows... she'll have to take her "drama" elsewhere.

Mackenzie and Tyler on the other hand held the frog, giggled at the frog,
asked questions, took several turns holding it and then sat down for
a deep discussion about it.

Ethan LOVED the frog! But I think the frog had a feeling that Ethan
would love him a little too much, so he jumped for safety to a place
where he wouldn't been noticed.
The kids were sad to have to let him go,
but we have seen many little frogs on our back porch and love the feel of being
in the middle of the wildlife!