Monday, April 12, 2010

Mackenzie's Baptism

I know I'm THE WORST when it comes to staying on top of our blog, life has a funny way of getting in the way of things you'd like to do. Most recently I've gone back to school to get my interior design degree, so with all that happens here in our house I've got homework to top it all off. Some of you have asked if I would post some pics of what I've been doing as far as my homework goes, but I'll post those another time.
This last weekend we had Mackenzie's baptism, she got to share her baptism day with Sam and it was wonderful!! She was a little nervous, and after getting her white jumpsuit on she vowed she wouldn't leave the bathroom because she didn't want to be seen in it. I think she thought she'd put it on and just hop right into the faunt and be done with it before anyone even got there. After some reassurance and seeing Dad in his lovely jumpsuit she felt a little better about her attire. You could tell she wasn't completely comfortable having all the kids watching her, but she was a champ and did great. When I was in the bathroom helping her get dressed she kept saying "Mom that was so fun", I do agree it was pretty fun. When we got home all the other kids kept asking when they could get baptized, Mackenzie has always been a great example for them. We are very proud of her and feel blessed everyday by all the Lord has given us.