Friday, December 12, 2008

Taylor and Tyler

O.k., so every Monday morning I get to take Taylor (our cutest neighbor) and Tyler to their preschool and we have some great conversations! We've discussed things like princesses and their modesty or lack of, Halloween and Taylor not getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating this year because she was going to Disneyland, the weather, debates about whether the little cockroach in the movie Enchanted that gets eaten at the end of the song is really a cockroach or a crab, Spiderman (of course), scribbling as opposed to coloring, and many other funny things all of which I can't remember at the moment. The other morning Taylor had made cookies for the class and after we got started she had a little conversation with Tyler and here's how it went:

Tay: Tyler do you like jam cookies?

Ty: No.

Tay: So are you saying you don't want a cookie at class?

Ty: No, I only like chocolate chip cookies... my mom makes them.

Tay: Oh, o.k. later today I'll bring over some cookies with chocolate on them and green sprinkles on top and I'll bring Mackenzie and Sydney some too.

Ty: No I only like chocolate chip cookies.

Me: Tyler you don't want cookies with chocolate on top... just chocolate chips in them?

Ty: Yes.

Me: Even with green sprinkles on top?

Tay: I won't put green sprinkles on, I have pink and blue too.

It went on a little farther, but that was the best part of the whole cookie conversation. It's so much fun to listen to what kids have to say, it always makes me giggle!