Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I was looking through some of our old pictures the other night and I came across some GOOD ones. There were a couple in peticular that stuck out to me, so I thought I'd share. Above we have Ella, and a lot of people have asked me who she looks like... to me she looks like herself, but at times I think I catch a little glimps of each of the kids in her - however these next two pictures are pretty stinkin' funny!
So this is Tyler, in this picture he was about 4 months... pretty close to the same age Ella is now and they pretty much have the same body. You can probably add a few more rolls for Ella though, she's curvey!

And this is Sydney at about 5 months, she and Ella have very similar round faces... although I can't tell whether Ella's face is really round or just big at this point. There are so many other pictures I could have posted of these guys and Mackenzie and Ethan too, the "Jones genes" definitely make telling them apart difficult at times... in fact none of them are twins, but if I didn't have most of their baby pictures labeled I think I'd have a hard time telling you who is who!

Monday, November 5, 2007


So this year for Halloween we decided to get everyone their own pumpkin, Mackenzie was really the only one who got into getting the "guts" out... everyone else was relieved to know they didn't HAVE to touch it if they didn't want to. They all had fun picking out which type of face they wanted to have Tim or I carve for them. Ella sat in her seat on the porch and watched all the festivities, she even gave her oppinion from time to time.

We had a great time trick or treating, and although they didn't get the hang of actually saying "trick or treat" when people opened their door they did manage to say "thank you" or "Happy Halloween" after getting what they were after. Ethan was a lion, Tyler was of course Spiderman, Sydney was Sleeping Beauty and Mackenzie was a White Witch.

Here are our pumpkins, I carved the one that says Creepy and the owl was carved by Tim... but it was the pumpkin Mackenzie got from the pumpkin patch on her field trip with her kidergarten class. Below Tim carved the Shere Kahn face and then down the row we have the kids pumpkins - Mackenzie wanted a beauty queen (with eyelashes... go Mom!), Sydney was going for a happy looking pumpkin, Tyler wanted something scary, and since Ethan and Ella didn't care I carved Ethan's like a ghost and Ella's to match her huge smile! We love our neighborhood and loved being able to take our kids trick or treating old school style instead of the usual trunk or treat with the ward, except if you ask Tim he would say that it really doesn't matter HOW you get the candy! Happy Halloween!!