Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow.... REALLY?!!

O.k. so for those of you who live far away, and in hopefully sunny places, you may not know that those of us here in the great Northwest are still in the middle of freezing our tooshies off. I love the snow and all, but really it's the middle of April and snow is completely unneccessary at the moment. These were taken earlier this year, but I needed some pictures to illustrate my annoyance right now. In the pics below we have Moose who really loved playing in the snow for as long as he could stand it... and from left to right we have Tyler, Mackenzie and Ethan who begged Dad to cover them in snow. They thought it was pretty funny.

Ella and Brynlee stayed inside with me, where it was nice and warm... we also helped all those who "forgot" to go potty before getting suited up for the snow get undressed and dressed again. I also got hot chocolate ready which they thought was cool and I think it's the driving reason for even going outside in the first place... once you're cold you really do need something to help you get warmed up again right? To the left are Ethan and Ella, although they are 16 months apart in age they are the ones who get mistaken for twins most often when we go out in public now. Surely with so many kids there must be at least 1 or 2 sets of twins right?
Brynlee has the "cheeks to squeeze" and I'm not sure many of you know - except for Mikey and other long time friends who read this blog - but it's one of my pet peeves when big people pinch little people's cheeks. Of course that's probably why I have had such veluptuous kids... to get past that whole personal bubble thing and just let everyone love all there is to squeeze on my kids - i.e. cheeks, thighs and those creases around their wrists and ankles or should I say kankles? I do have to say that after Tyler and Ella Brynlee is a breeze to get dressed... with Ella it was like stuffing a sausage, stuffing very lovingly though. I do have to say that they are pretty irresistable and I've found myself giggling over how squishy and fun they are to hold and snuggle!


Amanda said...

We're also super annoyed by the snow! Rain, well, that's to be expected in the spring, but snow? Enough already! Seems whatever you get in the NW hits us a few days later. I'm hoping it will stop by May at least. Love the pictures of the kids! Ella looks so much like Spencer in that picture! You've got to love kids with rolls. True to his genetics, Spence was my chunkiest. I started a blog if you ever want to check it out. I haven't figured out how to make it cute or put photos on it yet, but I'm hoping to soon. Love you guys! www.darrelandamanda.blogspot.com

Amanda said...

Not Ella, Brynlee, I meant. Sorry!

teage-and-erin said...

YEAH NEW POSTS!!! I LOVE IT! And even though I get to see them at least twise a week it seems, I still love seeing adorable new pictures and hearing all the fun Jones' stories. Love you guys!