Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love my Wipeout!

O.k. so for those of you who I told last year you know how much I love Wipeout... well it's back and it looks like it could possibly be better than last year - I can't imagine how, but it's true!! When ever I watch it I find myself laughing out loud, not just giggling, even if I'm by myself. It truly is the best show of all time, except for LOST of course. Here's a little teaser for you, and please be warned that a trip to the bathroom might be a good idea before watching the show... ENJOY!!


Mark Oliver said...

I'm so happy that you've posted this! I watched a lot of the MXC "make fun of the asians" show and saw this Once... then never heard of it again. yay! thanks erin!

SusGus said...

I just realized why you couldn't go out on visits tonight... Hope it was a good show tonight!

JulieO said...

Erin - we have to get you on that show!! XOXO Mom