Friday, February 29, 2008

What we've been up to... finally!

O.k. for all of you who have been really bored looking at our blog site I'm finally getting around to filling you in on what's been happening! Above is the main reason for my being preoccupied... yes that's right it's baby #6. She came as quite a suprise and we didn't know anything until I was almost 3 months along due to a blood clot... crazy but true. This picture is the babies hand and arm, at this point (according to me) her name will be Brynlee Pauline Jones and she'll make her official debut the first week or two in July.
This year was Tim's 30th birthday, and man doesn't he look thrilled. He's posing with his favorite cake of all time... ICE CREAM CAKE! When I asked him if he felt 30 he said no, but that he is at the top of the hill heading down. I asked him what he meant by that and he said that his life is half way over, he only plans to live until he's in his 60's so that he doesn't have to go through all the "falling apart" that happens when you're that old. Who knew he'd been looking that far ahead, or how uplifting getting old looks to him!

Mackenzie has had a great time in kindergarten, she loves to learn and is taking it all in!! During Christmas she had the opportunity to make a marvelous marshmallow menora, this is the only picture we got because Ethan and Tyler thought that after she blew out the candles they got to eat it - hey it works that way with cake right?

So Ethan turned 2 and loved the idea of opening presents. He's always been quite the jock and wouldn't let go of the football Grampy gave him. He loved being sung to and has continued to pretend to make cakes for everyone, you know you have to blow on whatever he's holding when he comes over singing "happy birthday". He is a very handsome little guy, we love our Boogie!

This year we got a lot of snow, which is unusual for us here... but as you can see we made the most of it! All the kids loved getting into their snowsuits, however Sydney was so excited a couple times that she forgot to go to the bathroom before beginning the whole process of getting into her suit. So she got left behind for a little bit when everyone else was ready to go! They learned how to make good snow angels, they rode down the hill near our neighbors in our empty pool (you can click on our friend Nick and Jen Simon's page to see the pool sledding pics), and they even loved throwing snowballs at each other... especially Ethan. He didn't care if he was throwing a snowball at someone or getting hit by one he thought it was ALL GOOD and couldn't stop laughing!! We have loved the past few months watching our kids learn, grow and become better friends with each other, Tim and I know it's what makes life full.


teeny said...

cute, cute picture! mackenzie's is so funny!

what a great place to live!!!!

love, teeny

Wendy Burke said...

Wow...congrats on #6!! Your kids all look great!!

Kati said...

Welcome back. . . I can't imagine why you've been too busy to blog lately. Yippee for new pictures and updates on the kids!

Charis said...

I was wondering when you were going to update your site :-) Glad to hear things are going well and CONGRATS on your little girl!!!! I love the name Brynlee so I hope you get your way :-)

Kenneth said...

Mackenzie looks tall! I liked Tim's excited b-day pic the best. Congrats on the new addition coming along again. Hopefully Molly and I will be able to see you guys soon.

Simon Tribe -ooh ha haa said...

Yay! An update! How satisfying. :) I love the little tid-bits like how you know to blow out the candles when Ethan brings a "cake" to you! And Tim's 60-year plan... What the heck are you supposed to do since women live longer anyway??? Thanks for the blogging entertainment :)

teage-and-erin said...

I love all the new pictures!! I am so thankful that we are living so close now, you are a great friend to me, and I love you tons!

The Waggoner's said...

I am SO glad you finally blogged. I have been eagerly awaiting a new post! And it must be said....Tim is absolutley photogenic! hehe!

Miss ya and love ya!
Lubba, Lubba,

The Brown's said...


Congratulations on #6! I bet your girls are going to love having another sister around! I hope that you're doing good with this pregnancy and that you don't get too sore. It's been fun to see you at church lately. You always look so cute!


The Hudson Family said...

hey there! carynn here! i found you! i have been wondering what you were up #6 on the way! you have been busy! your kids are gorgeous and you seem so happy!! i want to see a picture of you! take care and check out my blog! our website is: