Saturday, December 8, 2007

I got tagged

I was just looking at all the interesting new things you all have been doing lately and I came across Karine's blog and was quite entertained at her being "tagged" until I reached the end of it and saw that she had "tagged" me... thanks a lot! So I'm supposed to give you all 7 things that are interesting about myself, this may take awhile. :)

1. I love to sing. I have been reminded of this after whipping out all the Christmas music! The kids wanted to dance the other night, so I thought oh good we'll dance to Christmas tunes however I found myself singing LONG after the dancing was done.

2. I have never been on a plane that has traveled outside the United States. Although I would love to travel I have never been all that far from home, except to Hawaii compliments of my Grandparents when I was younger.

3. I too love to eat. There isn't much I won't try and had I not gotten into flowers I would have loved to have been a food critic. I also love to watch mostly anything on the Food Network, except Rachel Ray who is too over the top for words.

4. I once walked 50 miles in under 24 hours as part of a ward pioneer thing when I was about 11 years old I think. I had tried it the year before and only walked about 25 miles or so, but I really wanted to finish the next time around. I was doing pretty well until I ended up hanging on my dad (and I do mean hanging, I had my arms around his waist and he was basically dragging me along) for the last leg, but I finished all the same!

5. I can crochet, which is such a "granny" thing to admit to, but I really love it. I mostly make baby blankets, but every now and then I've made a full - cover your body - blanket... it's relaxing as long as the yarn cooperates!

6. I have realized the older I get how sentimental I am. I love sappy movies, I enjoy songs or things that remind me of events in my past, and I enjoy looking at old pictures especially of my children. You'd think I'd be better at scrap booking and all that, but it's one thing I just have never liked doing!!

7. Growing up I was always better friends with guys, I realize now that it's because I think more like guys do. I've never been in the mix with all the "girl drama" (back-biting, scheming,sabotage... you know all that awesome stuff), I'm laid back and easygoing, and I've never done all the over analyzing and jumping to conclusions that a lot of girls do. I understand it sometimes, but man I'm glad I don't go there myself... I'd be exhausted!!!

SO there you have it, I'm not sure if those were juicy enough for you, but it's late and that's the best I could come up with. I'm going to now tag Jen, Kati, and Wendy since we hear a lot about your cute family but we want to hear more about you!!


Kate said...

Okay, I'm TOTALLY laughing about your Rachael Ray comment because I cannot STAND her, either! I don't know how people watch her because I just want to kill her every time she opens her mouth.

The Waggoner's said...

Reading your comments made me miss you a ton, and wish we lived closer so that we could watch the food network together! I love the fact that you are like a boy, in the sense that I know that there are NEVER any hidden agendas with you!
Love ya girl!
Lubba, lubba,

teeny said...

ditto on rachel ray! it must run in the family! i don't want to kill her, just mame(sp) her!

erin, where are timmy's birthday pictures? we all want to see them! i know HE can't wait to have them posted!
your mother-in-law