Friday, June 25, 2010

School, and the rest of my life!

So for all of you who have asked I am posting some of the things I have been doing in school. I had to do some sketches for my graphic communications class and one of them was of Mackenzie, mostly because she could sit long enough for me. I don't really think it looks like her... I'm just happy it looks like someone and not something! I have never thought of myself as an artist, turns out I was wrong. Although I haven't mastered a whole heck of a lot of it, I discovered that I'm actually o.k.! I haven't downloaded the pics I took of my other projects, as soon as I do I'll be posting those as well. I have loved going back to school and am proud to say that with all the craziness that my life entails I've been able to keep above a 3.5 GPA!!
Today my baby turned 2, she walked around all day saying "I'm 2" which sounded more like a sneeze because it came out "I choo". Brynlee has been such a joy, we truly understand why she was sent to us and everyone (all the kids included) adores her. The kids request that she say our family prayers at night because they love to hear her, and she loves to entertain them as well. I can't imagine my life with out her, she brings so much light and love to our house!
Tyler has mastered riding a two wheeler, granted it is on an itty-bitty pink bike which he is very aware of, but it's a two wheel bike none the less! It was so incredible to watch him ride and then hear his brother and sisters cheering for him, they knew how badly he wanted it. Ethan went over to him and said "that was awesome Tyler" and the girls were chanting is name before the second ride, and after the second successful attempt he hoped off and they all did a victory dance that I seriously needed my video camera for. It is one moment that will always be with me. I couldn't be more proud, not just of Tyler, but of all my kids and the love they showed him.
I really am a proud and happy Mom!!


teeny said...

oh, how wonderful! I wish i could have seen it too, tyler. will you ride for me someday?
erin, you are an artist. very pretty!


Amanda said...

Great drawing Erin! I can't believe you can take care of 6 kids AND maintain a 3.5--you're amazing!

SusGus said...

You are a rock star - and a great mom. Way to go Tyler, but even more, way to go Erin!