Friday, November 14, 2008


O.k. so it's not really a moose, but it's our Moose. Here's a picture for you Seth so you can at least see what he looks like. Yesterday I brought home the newest, and furriest, member of our family for Tim's birthday/Christmas present. A few years ago we had to put our dog Max up for adoption because he was having all kinds of skin problems and we just couldn't afford (or bring ourselves) to actually see a "doggy dermatologist". It was a sad day in our house and we've waited a long time to get a new dog. Tim has always wanted a brittish bulldog, and since I don't have much of a preference - as long as it doesn't pee in my house - we started looking and researching all we could about the breed. We found a breeder in Sammamish a couple years ago we kept in touch with and about a month or two ago I contacted them to let them know we were ready. I was trying to keep it a secret, but in the end I had to let Tim in on it because he was about to try to get some abandoned bulldog puppies only a week before I was going to pick Moose up. So far everyone LOVES him and in true bulldog fasion he LOVES being the center of our universe! We'll post more pics of Moose and Tim when I get them downloaded, for now you'll just have to do with the ones from the breeder.


teage-and-erin said...

Yeah for Moose!! We love him, he is adorable!
And yeah for Erin! I was a blog stalker for a long time waiting for a new post! :) Love ya girl!

Seth, Lacey, Weston and Koper said...

So, when Seth said you guys got a bull dog, for some reason I was thinking of a pit bull. I couldn't figure out why you would bring such a scary dog into your house with your kids. I get it now and he is adorable! I don't even like dogs, but he's cute.

The Waggoner's said...

Imagine my joy and astonishment when I went to your blog, and found not only 1 BUT 2 new blogs! I am in HEAVEN!! It is dang hard to spy on your family when you can't provide me with new material. :)
I am so glad that you and the family are doing well, and I love the new furry addition. We seriously need to get together soon for a girls night!
Love and miss you tons!
Lubba, lubba,

The Shepherd Family said...

He is SOOO cute and totally looks like part of the family. That's so funny that you named him Moose cause I call Landon "Moose" all the time. We should get together sometime. I haven't seen you FOREVER!

manders said...

Oh Erin he is sooooo cute. I can't wait to see him. That is so exciting Chad is going to be very jealous. Hope to see you soon.
luv ya

Kenneth said...

I think you should have brought home that guys mustache instead. He's just as furry as Moose

Lizzy said...

i thought that was a stuffed animal!! sooooo cute. its good to see you online again. hope your family is well.