Saturday, May 31, 2008

Should that be in your mouth?

Here is Ella eating cherios with a runny nose... YUM!
And this is Ethan eating the giant caterpillar at the Science Center, I tried not to wonder how many kids hands had been touching it.

O.k. I don't know what it is about kids and putting things in their mouths... it drives me crazy!! I've got one who puts boogers in her mouth, one who puts her shirt in her mouth and sometimes her thumb, one who will put anything and everything in his mouth and when asked if it should be there replies "no only food goes in there" because we've gone over and over it so many times, one who WON'T put anything in his mouth unless it's been fried or is purely made of sugar, and one who thinks that if it's still under the table and Mom and Dad haven't swept it up... it's ALL GOOD. I know it's all part of being a kid, but man there are days when I wish they couldn't put anything into or have anything come out of any holes in their little bodies!


teeny said...

funny! but gues what? the junk in their mouths has only just begun!

love em all! grammy

Lizzy said...

LOL - your last line on this post is classic!

Kenneth said...

I think they know somehow that they're just building up their immune systems...boogers though...I never understood that one?