Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fun with the Cousins!

Before Seth, Lacey and Weston left us this summer we decided to get all the Jones cousins in the area together. The kids only sat still for the picture because Lacey was off to the side throwing marshmallows. On the top row we have Sydney, Michaela and Mackenzie, the next row is Addison, Tyler and Aidan, and on the bottom we have Weston and Ethan. Ethan and Weston tried their hands at a little drag putting on the girls dress-up shoes, and Tyler managed to get halfway naked by the end of the night. Aidan and Ethan cheesed it up, and here's our new favorite trick... when you ask Ethan where his eye is he'll wink at you! All in all it was a great night, the kids had fun although we grown-ups didn't get to socialize as much as we wanted to. We love our Jones Cousins!!


manders said...

Seriously Erin your kids are the cutest. I love the pics. See you tonight...:)

Wendy Burke said...

How fun that your kids have so many cousins close to their ages!! I'm sure it's a crazy party when everyone gets together!! good times!

Erin Christensen Photography said...

That picture of Ethan winking is the cutest ever!! I love it!